How to Get Real Estate Listings: 8 Expert Tips



In the dynamic real estate industry, securing listings is a critical element of long-term success for agents and brokerages. Beyond a mere transaction side, listings represent success, signal expertise, and demonstrate credibility and relevance. This article explores best practices of acquiring listings and maintaining a consistent pipeline, which can pave the path to sustained growth and prominence in a competitive market.

How to get real estate listings: 8 tips

From leveraging digital marketing prowess to mastering the art of networking, these essential strategies can bolster your listing inventory and elevate your professional standing in the market.

1. Tap into your existing network

Reaching out to the people you already know is the smartest way to find potential clients and secure more listings. No matter where you are in your career, your network—or sphere of influence—is your most valuable asset.

Leveraging your sphere also happens to be one of the most cost-effective real estate lead generation tactics in your arsenal. The key is to make sure everyone you know considers you the go-to real estate expert. Here’s how:

  • Make regular touchpoints with your network; don’t be afraid to ask directly if they have any real estate needs or know anyone who does.

  • Offer advice about the real estate industry through a regular newsletter.

  • Maintain relationships with current and former clients

    —invite them to events and congratulate them on anniversaries and milestones.

  • Keep notes on your contacts

    in your CRM

    . When it’s time to make your regular call or send a check-in text or email, you’ll remember their kids’ names and their favorite sports teams.


2. Expand your sphere of influence

To expand your professional network and forge valuable connections, consistently attend local industry and community events. This not only establishes your presence in the community but also cultivates relationships that could yield future real estate listings.

Continue to nurture relationships with various local professionals, including real estate developers, attorneys, lenders, and interior designers, as these connections not only provide valuable resources for clients but also increase the likelihood of receiving referrals.

Finally, foster alliances with fellow agents, thereby gaining insights and potential partnerships that may bolster your listing inventory. Actively seek out opportunities through in-person networking, email conversations, or social media messaging.

3. Try Luxury Presence Leads Pro

Busy agents need every tool available to generate and convert new listing leads. In addition to the strategies in this article, we offer proprietary lead generation tools in our Leads Pro package.

Leads Pro uses precise targeting to get ads in front of your ideal clients and then drive traffic back to landing pages that capture lead information. We take it a step further by fleshing out a lead’s profile with our Lead Intelligence tool, adding details such as social media accounts, family information, previous employment, and more.

When a lead engages with an agent’s site, asking for more information, our AI Lead Nurture kicks into gear no matter what time of day it is, engaging the lead with astounding human-like intonation and skill. Once the leads are warm, they’re handed off to the agent.

And agents are seeing serious success using the Leads Pro package. Taylor Lucyk, for example, used targeted ads and AI Lead Nurture over a three-month period, resulting in a $1.5 million dollar listing, as well as 40 warm leads.

4. Cold call the right people

A foundational tactic of proactive prospecting in real estate, cold calling involves reaching out to potential clients or leads without any prior contact. Though some shy away from this direct approach, cold calling remains a vital component of a real estate agent’s toolkit that can rapidly expand one’s client base and listing roster.

Most often, the object of a cold call is to get an in-person meeting. Invite leads or those you want to network with to coffee, lunch, open houses, or other events to lay the foundation of a professional relationship.

When using this tactic to get more listings, be sure to target for sale by owner (FSBO), expired, and canceled listings. Check out our list of cold calling scripts to get started.

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